Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Releasy Day Post & Giveaway for 'Chasers of the Wind'

Do you wanna know about a great book that was released today? Its an amazing epic fantasy from an award winning & brilliant Russian author by the name of 'Alexy Pehov'. Admit it you are quite intrigued.

Tor Books is excited to announce the release of 'CHASERS OF THE WIND', the first book in a new series from the internationally bestselling author Alexey Pehov. Chasers of the Wind is set in the same world as Pehov’s immensely popular Chronicles of Siala and has already garnered much attention in the author’s native Russia, having received the prestigious Silver Kadeuzei award.
And the book is getting released today, that is on the 17th June, 2014.

About the book - 
After years of reassembling the Empire after the War of the Necromancers, disaster strikes again when the Nabatorians join forces with the necromancers of Sdis to take over the Empire, one city at the time. Luk, a soldier who narrowly escapes the pillaging of the city when his place at the Gates of the Six Tower is attacked, and Ga-Nor, a northern Barbarian, flee the advances of the Nabatorian hordes together, finding safety in numbers. They encounter a married couple and Harold, the hero of the Chronicles of Siala, and the five set forth to escape and find peace within the Empire. The mysterious married duo, Grey and Layan, were once part of a secret assassin group until they took one job too far and now have a price on their head in the seedy underworld of the Empire. Unfortunately,on their way to safety, the group has made a powerful enemy in Tia, a dark sorceress and one of the Damned. Instead of submitting to Tia’s will, the rag tag band attempts to kill her and ends up separating her from her mortal body, leaving her spirit to follow them, intent on revenge.

As Tia pursues the unlikely group, they encounter hordes of the undead and hidden magical talents, only to realize that the battles have begun to spread and nowhere is safe. Eventually, Grey and Layan, with the help of their new found allies, discover that they may be the only ones who can defeat The Damned and save the Empire.

CHASERS OF THE WIND starts out in a whirlwind of fast paced battles and high intensity characters and continues this speed until the last gut wrenching pages of the book. The reader finds themselves drawn into a magical world where anything is possible, from villages murdered then brought back to life, to creatures who hover above the ground. This adrenaline filled novel starts with a bang and will keep readers eagerly awaiting the next book.

About the Author -
Alexey Pehov is the award-winning author of "The Chronicles of Siala," a bestselling series in his native Russia. SHADOW PROWLER (first published in Russia in 2002 as STEALTH IN THE SHADOWS) was the first book in the series THE CHRONICLES OF SIAL, and became one of Russia’s biggest, most successful debuts. His novel UNDER THE SIGN OF THE MANTIKOR was named "Book of Year" and "Best Fantasy Novel" in 2004 by Russia's largest fantasy magazine, World of Fantasy. His novel Mockingbird was named Book of Year in 2009 by Russia’s largest fantasy magazine, World of Fantasy.

Find out more about him on his Website.


And The Giveaway -
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PS: The review is most probably coming close to the end of this month. 


  1. I've seen descriptions of this book elsewhere and it looks as if it's well worth reading.
    I would love to win this copy!

  2. Wow, I love it when a book starts out with a bang and just keeps going. Lots of action is my favorite type of read, it makes it hard to put a book down. :D

    1. .....yup, nicely written action is always welcome in my opinion too.....

  3. Awesome! I loved the first three books, can't wait to read this one!

  4. Looking forward to his book. Hope I win :)

    1. Sorry my name got cut off it is Steven Wilber