Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Novella Review - Yarrick: Chains of Golgotha

Book - Yarrick: Chains of Golgotha
Writer - David Annandale 
Series - Warhammer 40'000 
Published By - Black Library

I got into this book imagining tons of action, gutsy dialogue play and characters dying left and right. And that is what I got exactly, but with much more. In the short space of the novella the author really puts a lot into our prospective. He gets really into the minds of his characters and through the balls to the wall action he still manages to make us like even the minor side characters and keeps us guessing as to the next little twist or turn of the story.

The story starts in the middle of a campaign in Golgotha as Yarrick with his forces are chasing the ork armies while reaching for a rendezvous point. He thinks finally the momentum might be in his favor but suddenly Ghazghkull Thraka once again does a smart maneuver and ambushes the imperial army with a massive force. Eventually the battle is lost and Yarrick along with the survivors are taken as a prisoner into a Space Hulk. Then the struggle starts to get his revenge or die trying.
The narration is mostly through the voice of Yarrick but also has a few bits thorough Rogge, Helm Behriman etc. The main narrative is done quite brilliantly as we get deep into the psyche of Yarrick, we gets to learn his motives and desires, at times we even wonder who is more ruthless, he or Thraka. The action sequences are quite vivid and imaginative and David Annandale really knows how to write a sense of desperation. As a new reader who doesn't know that much Warhammer 40k lore, I loved the way the author handled the plot and the characters including the impressive antagonist Thraka.

The visceral and brutal description of the battles as well the minimal yet brilliant forays into the minds of the characters really does make us wonder what the author could do within the scope of a full novel with these characters. The only real negative point for me about this novella is its short length and that it just might be a bit too pricy. The cover art and the interior maps were nice touches too.

Overall, this is very highly recommended for any fans of Warahammer 40k and I would recommend it as a jumping in point for new readers too who just doesn't wanna start from the very beginning of things. I, myself will be quickly getting my hands on other works from David Annandale now cause he really does know how to write this stuff well in my opinion.

4.5 out of 5 stars.   

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