Thursday, December 26, 2013

Manhwa Reviews - Need a Girl

Manhwa Name : Need a Girl
Authors: Rue, Byung-min (Story) & Bahk, Hyun-Joon (Art) 
Serialization: Chance
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Shounen
Status: Ongoing (10 Volumes in Country of Origin)
Published: 2007 to ?
Translated So far: 59 Chapters (8+ Volumes)

Before starting to read this Manhwa, you need to ask your self a question? Are you ready to read a Manhwa in which 3 out of the 4 main characters are really huge perverts? I mean their goal of living each day is to somehow looking at girls' undergarments and making attempts at filling them up. In fact they spend most of their time talking about sex-related things and how to get sneak peeks at girls. May be this doesn't feel like your your cup of tea? Well, have I mentioned the fact that this manga is so damn funny with the awkward situations these 3 and the other guy, the manly-man-generally-good guy gets in. There are really some laugh out loud moments with quite a good art style and seriously twisted and funny point-of-view of some characters. There is also so many misunderstandings and accidental groping and the funny thing is the authors present everything in a very unique way. Well decide for yourself if you wanna read about such a bunch of losers but trust me you will not be able to keep from laughing.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Anime Review - Gingitsune

Anime Name - Gingitsune
Aired - Oct 7, 2013 to Dec 23, 2013
Episodes - 12

Produced By - Diomedea, Pony Canyon
Staff - Shin Misawa (Director), Sayori Ochiai (Original Creator), Naomi Ide (Character Design), Tatsuya Kato (Music)

This is why I like animes, after getting thoroughly disappointed by watching something with excellent animation and music fall way beyond mediocrity due to lack of originality, unnecessary fan-service and a crappy sense of humor; getting angry at yet another butchering of a video game adaption into a utterly stinking pile misdirection and lack of effort; and laughing at a purely unrealistic and shameless attempt at seinen through yet again short skirt wearing superhuman schoolgirls, I get to experience a show like Gingitsune. This anime is not trying to achieve any new grounds and actually does not attempt at anything other than simplistic beauty, tries to teach us some values with so refined subtlety and courageously realistic presentation of the relationships that we observe and gain just by leading our everyday life.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Retro Manga Review - Cowa!

Manga Name : Cowa!
Author: Toriyama, Akira (Story & Art) 
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)
Genres: Shounen
Volumes: 1 
Status: Finished 
Published: 1997 to 1998
Is there anyone even remotely interested in Anime & Manga who doesn't know "Akira Toriyama"? Despite all its shortcomings, flaws and cliches "Dragonball" is undoubtedly one of the most influential manga/anime ever? But does all of these people know that Toriyama also wrote quite a few other mangas? "Cowa!" is one of these others and one of the best of these. This is definitely a kids manga, it does not have any complicated plot, no over the top action elements and no fan service that shounen now a days are famous for. This is just a cute adventure story with some simple funny moments and typical yet quite likeable characters. And its only 1 volume (14 chapters) of material, so a must read for any Toriyama or even shounen fan.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Anime Review - Kyoukai no Kanata

Anime Name - Kyoukai no Kanata
Aired - Oct 3, 2013 to Dec 19, 2013
Episodes - 12

Produced By - Kyoto Animation, Sentai Filmworks
Staff - Tachi Ishidate (Director), Nagomu Torii (Original Creator), Chise Kamoi (Original Character Design), Minori Chihara & Stereo Dive Foundation (Theme Song Performance)

This anime is a prime example of how far excellent music can take a mediocre or even boring story. It also has nice animation but music is by far its strongest aspect by a very clear margin. The show is also a prime example of how not to use pointless filler and how a boring and directionless first half of a show can hamper a not-that-bad second half greatly. It has weak characters, quite stale humor, nice animation and excellent music and a story that could have been told in may be 6-8 episodes dragged into 12 episodes of chaos. But as a whole the music alone makes it a have a nice aftertaste somehow.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Newer Combo Videos - Kof XIII Hwa Jai CMV Bald,Drunk & Proud

My longest combo video so far. These combos were really hard to do, the timing is just so crucial in most cases. It was specially frustrating when about 20-25 secs into a combo I messed up the timing of 1 move by 1/4th a sec and the combo broke. But Hwa Jai was fun, hope to see him in the next King of Fighters (if there ever is one).
Kof XIII and Music used in this video are property of their respective owners, they were used without any view of profit. All combos were performed on keyboard; no tools, cheats or hacks were used.
I tried to record mostly new stuff or improved/modified version of old combos published elsewhere.
This video is dedicated to "Persona" & "DarkChaotix" for their inspiring effort in making Kof XIII combo videos for the last 2-3 years.
Info -
BGM - "Earth Rocker" by Clutch
           "Faunus" by Blood Ceremony
           "Nerichagi [Korea Team BGM] from Kof '01 OST
Dedicated To - Persona & DarkChaotix
Special Thanks to -,, & ultracombos
Hope you enjoy this.                            
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New Metal Reviews - "Dawn of the End" by Hatchet

Album Name - Dawn of the End
Band Name - Hatchet
Genre - Thrash Metal
Label - The End Records
Release Date - March 5th,2013
Line Up -
 Travis Russey - Bass
 Julz Ramos - Guitars (Lead), Vocals
 Eli Lucas - Drums
 Clark Webb - Guitars

For people like me who got introduced to metal with thrash bands like Metallica, Megadeath, Kreator, Slayer thrash has died or it seems dead now a days. The genre pioneers are somewhat tamed, as some lost their way and some are caught on the loop of creating same type of music. Actually there is a new wave of thrash metal in my own country which is sadly going in the wrong direction with too much modern influences (although there are a few good acts). To be honest, I was not really expecting to hear a great thrash record in 2013 but Hatchet surprised me with their relentlessness speeding guitar work and blazing solos, and reminded me once again why I got into metal in the first place.

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Book Review - Board Stiff by Piers Anthony

Book - Board Stiff
Writer - Piers Anthony  
Series - Xanth #38
Published By - Premier Digital Publishing

First things first, I got this book from NetGalley, so thank you netgalley and Premier Digital Publishing for this opportunity.
This is my first experience with the world of Xanth, I have been meaning to check out this series for a long time and even have the hard copy of the 1st book but somehow never got around to it. I knew this had to be a funny fantasy and a standalone book as well, but that was about the only thing I had to expect from this book. So after finishing this I have to say the book was funny and a quick read but it had many flaws too, which made the journey a bit boring as well as too predictable at times.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Manga Reviews - Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku

Manga Name : Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuko
Author: Ozaki, Kaori (Story & Art) 
Serialization: Afternoon
Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Seinen 
Volumes: 1 
Chapters: 5
Status: Finished 
Published: Mar 25, 2013 to July 25, 2013
Sometimes the cover really doesn't convey the story in a book and sometimes short things can really have a long story to tell, this is really one of those occasions. When I first started this manga I thought it will be short and sweet (or was hoping) romantic story, but now I can gladly say it was so much more. I am really amazed at how much the writer really was able to convey in just 5 chapters. While there is a bit unrealistic nature in some aspects of the slice of life it is without a doubt a unique manga and definitely one of the best of 2013 with its completeness. Now a days in the age of shameless fan-service & seinen's only really being good when they have lots of action and really not new stuff to look forward to this was a breath of fresh air indeed.