Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Metal Reviews - "Dawn of the End" by Hatchet

Album Name - Dawn of the End
Band Name - Hatchet
Genre - Thrash Metal
Label - The End Records
Release Date - March 5th,2013
Line Up -
 Travis Russey - Bass
 Julz Ramos - Guitars (Lead), Vocals
 Eli Lucas - Drums
 Clark Webb - Guitars

For people like me who got introduced to metal with thrash bands like Metallica, Megadeath, Kreator, Slayer thrash has died or it seems dead now a days. The genre pioneers are somewhat tamed, as some lost their way and some are caught on the loop of creating same type of music. Actually there is a new wave of thrash metal in my own country which is sadly going in the wrong direction with too much modern influences (although there are a few good acts). To be honest, I was not really expecting to hear a great thrash record in 2013 but Hatchet surprised me with their relentlessness speeding guitar work and blazing solos, and reminded me once again why I got into metal in the first place.

The album starts with a short instrumental which really catches attention attention with the speedy riff work, but the real craftsmanship is shown with the 3rd track "Screams of the night" with its beautiful intro leading into energy infused vocal and guitar works which is really one of the best tracks of the albums. After another typical thrash track we are again entertained to another instrumental track which is 3 and half minutes of melodies guitar work which actually paves way for the strong 2nd half. "Signals of infection" is a really enjoyable listen specially for tight riffs and head banging drum work. Then come comes the title song with yet some more nice riffs and the best chorus and vocal performance. The next three tracks are more of the same energized and competent works from the band but special mention should be given to "Welcome to the Plague" for its interesting riffs and beautiful solo.

On performances, at first listen the Vocals does not seems to be special but seems really appropriate after initial spins and finally it seems exactly what is needed to compliment the superior guitar and bass works. The energy on the instruments is almost palpable and any fans of thrash would be really hard pressed not to start headbanging. The solos are really top notched and really reminds of the classic days of thrash. Hatchet hasn't done anything overly original or tried doing to many things but created a solid thrash album that takes us back to the eighties for some good memories.

As a whole a really surprising album for 2013, and in a very good way. I will be waiting eagerly to see what the band does next, and actually quite glad for having to look forward for new records from a thrash band after a long time.

Overall Score -
                         8.5 out of 10.

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