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Manhwa Reviews - Need a Girl

Manhwa Name : Need a Girl
Authors: Rue, Byung-min (Story) & Bahk, Hyun-Joon (Art) 
Serialization: Chance
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Shounen
Status: Ongoing (10 Volumes in Country of Origin)
Published: 2007 to ?
Translated So far: 59 Chapters (8+ Volumes)

Before starting to read this Manhwa, you need to ask your self a question? Are you ready to read a Manhwa in which 3 out of the 4 main characters are really huge perverts? I mean their goal of living each day is to somehow looking at girls' undergarments and making attempts at filling them up. In fact they spend most of their time talking about sex-related things and how to get sneak peeks at girls. May be this doesn't feel like your your cup of tea? Well, have I mentioned the fact that this manga is so damn funny with the awkward situations these 3 and the other guy, the manly-man-generally-good guy gets in. There are really some laugh out loud moments with quite a good art style and seriously twisted and funny point-of-view of some characters. There is also so many misunderstandings and accidental groping and the funny thing is the authors present everything in a very unique way. Well decide for yourself if you wanna read about such a bunch of losers but trust me you will not be able to keep from laughing.

The story is about Three boys that are desperately struggling to find a girlfriend in their sad, adolescent lives, while really going to some seriously sick and perverted length with their innovativeness. They then suddenly realize that their classmate, Gang Han-Gyul—the manly, serious, quiet person of their class—has been secretly going out with a beautiful girl for 100 days. So they follow him to make inquiry and witnesses him getting mercilessly dumped. And this starts their weird brand of friendship and generally loser life style. Throughout most of the early storyline the 3 goes to various lengths to achieve their goal of sneak peaks at girls' underwear's and attempts at touching them and the good guy tries to protect the preys. These leads to seriously funny moments quite often leading to the good guy getting misunderstood. Later on the focus is shifted on some of the female characters with a hint of romance which again gets cut off with more misunderstanding and funny stuff. Although this gets a bit repetitive later on but there is still some seriously comic situations if you just take the romantic stuff lightly.

The 3 perverts really didn't had any redeeming quality early on. Min was really my favorite with his constant attempt at looking good  in front of the girls and general perversion. Despite his interest in other girls his same age and eventually falling for one somehow he gets so chickened out in front of older women who seems to be attracted to him due to his height. Eeen-Yong is the resident fat guy who despite of being quite perverted early on seems later to have a really good side to him. His constant attempt of going on a diet to lose weight to get a girlfriend and over all love for food was quite interesting. Yoh-ahn on the other hand is so far beyond redemption as being too perverted, he even mentions that he has thrown away his chance at being socially acceptable just to be able to watch porn and trying to get panty shots and do perverted stuff to all the girls around him. His monologues about bra sizes, clothing habits and other sexual theory was just bordering on creepy yet somehow very funny too. Han Gyul is a really good guy, a manly-man whose only intention of getting a girlfriend is to get married, he goes to so much length just to help the girls around him to not get affected by the other guys' schemes and quite often gets into a situation as to be blamed himself. Although you can't stop laughing at the situations, you really gotta feel for this guys and his general lack of any luck at all.
The female characters while having their own quirks and characteristics is actually somewhat of a bit too one dimensional in my opinion with being a bit too thick skulled at times (I mean seriously who is this dumb, to always misunderstanding the guys despite it all). Among these girls I really liked Miri with her cuteness and funny attempts at getting bigger breasts.

The art is actually very well done. All the characters are drawn with nice details that gives them unique appearances. I specially liked the chibi drawings at funny moments which were very cute and over all added to the experience of the humor. The shocked appearance of the faces along with the use of funny drawings at times were also quite nicely done.

I gotta warn the readers a bit though as later on the story really loses some of its nicer aspects as some of the funny stuff is butchered for introducing romance. Some of the characters really loses their edge after falling in love and the general overuse of all the misunderstandings is quite frustrating at times.

Although this manga had a really strong start with its unique plot and overall humor it really lost some of its goodness later on due to authors deciding on taking a somewhat different direction. But still at the end of the day it was for me a  enjoyable read with its laugh out loud moments and somewhat twisted yet likeable characters.

Overall Score -
                           7 out of 10. 

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