Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resoulution (2014)

Hmm, it is that time of the year again.
Every year at the beginning of the year for quite a long time I try to make a list for myself for the things I wanna do/achieve on that year (although I fail in most of these). Why not make such a list for my blog this year?

So, here goes nothing -

For Books :
= > I finally wanna do "netgalley" some justice this year for sending me so many books by reviewing all of them.
= > I also wanna review some more books of 2013 and make a somewhat my "best of list for 2013".
= > And lastly I wanna do review for some old classics in my effort to give these retro-gems some adoration they clearly deserve.

For Animes :
= > Do a my "best of 2013" list as soon as possible.
= > Finish watch all the series that I watched parts of (a huge list, btw) and include them in MAL as well check out some retro and newer stuff I am meaning to.
= > Do review of the shows that has impact on me among these.

For Manga :
= > Do a "mangas to watch out for starting in 2013" list and a "some good mangas/LN's ending in 2013" list.
= > Check out lots of lesser known mangas that deserve attention and do proper reviews for them.
= > Read some of the fan translated Light Novels and show my appreciation by reviewing them (many LN's need review in internet in my opinion).
= > Catch up to some good ongoing seinen and shounen and reviewing them if I feel like (at least 50 chapters or more translated).
= > Read lots of Korean webtoons and review the ones needing attention in my opinion.

For Games :
= > Make time for playing some retro rpgs and fighting games and do reviews.
= > Do some more combo videos for retro as well as newer games.
= > Write a few faqs for android rpgs if possible.

For Music :
= > Do a list of my best "Underground metal of 2013".
= > Do some reviews for good 2013 metal albums as well do reviews for retro rock and metal.

Wow, that is a lot of stuff, hopefully I get to fulfill at least some these resolutions.

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