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New Metal Reviews - "The Satanist" by Behemoth

Album Name - The Satanist
Band Name - Behemoth
Genre - Black/Death Metal
Label - Nuclear Blast/Metal Blade Records
Release Date - February 3rd, 2014
Line Up -
  Nergal - Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
  Inferno - Drums, Percussion
  Orion - Bass, Vocals (backing)

                                                     "I decompose in rapture ov hells
                                                         Dissolve divide disintegrate
                                                                     I am yours
                                                                In euphoria below"

Behemoth is a band that is rightly considered by many as one of current greats of extreme metal. Their style has changed so much from their early days. They started of as a traditional black metal outfit with fine guitar work and imagery and was acclaimed for their works. Then they changed their style into blackened death metal and finally emerged as a total death metal outfit with 'Zos Kia Cultus' and had a whole new batch of fans with their newer works. Then came the leukemia for Nergal, he battled the cancer, had bone marrow transplantation and still kept making music. After 5 years of the last release 'The Satanist' was released on 2014. And yet again Behemoth has evolved into another level of originality and style, releasing a great album befitting their status as one of the giants of underground metal.

This time Behemoth has gone back to their black roots, to take influence from the dread and darkness of a black metal album, the overall fast & blasting tempo of the last few releases is gone to the background with only a few glimpses. The production is as clean as the last albums though. There is a sense of blackness throughout the work, gone are the days of aggression as a tool to force the music, this time the force is the passion. 

Nergal once again gives an amazing vocal performance, he keeps true to his style of growl. The guitar-work by him is also almost flawless in execution and the riffs are just delicious and ominous at the same time, with some crushing solos to get the blood boiling. What more can I say of the talented drummer Inferno, he is as fast as ever and his tempo really sets up the mood for some of the fastest parts of the album.

                                                     "Like a day without the dawn
                                                      Like a ray void ov the sun
                                                   Like a storm that brings no calm
                                                   I'm most complete yet so undone"
Throughout the work the beautifully destructive merging of black and death influences is apparent. There are some great and powerful riffs, and the creativity in the lyrics is once again a great part of Behemoth's work. Their illusive satanic lyrics and mocking imagery has a kind of a force of their own if you can stomach this kind of stuff.  

While this release might take the fans of their last few works a little bit unawares with the change of style, this truely is a great blend of passion and creativity, a true masterpiece from some musicians who love what they do immensely. The triumph and joy of crafting is palpable, and the sense of doom just adds that much more to the work. I am proud to be a Behemoth fan, like good wines they have aged so so well.

                                                         "For Thine is the kingdom
                                                                And the power...
                                                                And the glory...

Notable Tracks - 'Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel', 'Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer', 'The Satanist', 'O Father O Satan O Sun' among others.

Overall Score -
                         9 out of 10.

For more info check out the bands own site and their metal-archives page - 

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