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Video Game Music Review - Pokémon Reorchestrated: Double Team!

Album Name - Pokémon Reorchestrated: Double Team!
Catalog Number - LOUDR-2018
Released On - Jan 17, 2014
Composed By - Junichi Masuda, Shota Kageyama, Hitomi Sato, Go Ichinose
Arranged By - Eric Buchholz, Braxton Burks
Published By - Joypad Records  

Those who are veteran fans of pokemon handheld rpgs are quite familiar with the music of the games. As a fan since the days of Red & Blue I was quite intrigued by the idea of this album. Music from all 6 generations of games, performed by an orchestra, from the label Joypad Records who previously impressed me a lot with their 'Chrono Trigger Symphony' albums really sounded enticing. And the publishers delivered again, a beautifully orchestrated collection of classic music from the games which made me reminisce fondly of the countless hours that I spend wandering around the world of pokemon since my childhood.

This little album delivers from the get go, as just at the onset listeners are welcomed with the familiar sound of 'Pallet Town' where we began our journey into the wondrous & charismatic world of pokemon so log ago. Then it introduces us to the joy of the first days of a battles as a trainer with, yes, ironically the 'Trainer Battle'. These two pieces set up the pace of the rest of the album which goes through the catalog of the pokemon games over the years, nostalgically reawakening memories of those days of fun grinding, the joy of finally catching that illusive pokemon, walking through the streets of new towns & the triumph of winning a new gym badge.

The whole album is dripping with the composers' and arrangers' love for these musical pieces and the performances are also filled with the joy of childhood somehow. The artistry and dedication is there throughout the whole album although the selection may not be up to the likings of everyone, which for such a select few tracks to achieve is literally not possible.

My only gripe with this album is that it is just too short and keeps the enjoyment incomplete somewhat. 30 minutes is just too short for 6 generations of games of such a vast rpg series. I wish the album was at least an hour if not much more. 

All in all though, to me this album is a must listen for any fans of pokemon and generally fans of  old school video game music who deserves to feel nostalgic at times. It makes me wanna start playing the games again, it reminds me how fun it was as a kid & an adult (occasionally) to forget about the problems in your life and just get immersed in the beautiful world of pokemons.

Notable tracks - the whole album was quite enjoyable, but these do stand out, 'Pallet Town', 'Trainer Battle', 'Golden Horizons', 'Aqua and Magma', 'Reflections', 'Waltz of the Sea' and 'Melancholic Path'. 

So, Overall Score  - "9 out of 10" 

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