Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Book Review - Fortress Frontier by Myke Cole

Book - Fortress Frontier
Writer - Myke Cole  
Series - Shadow Ops #2
Published By - Ace/Headline

It is really great to see a good author getting even better with a new release. And that is what we get from 'Fortress Frontier' in short. Almost everything that was holding back his first novel is redeemed in such exquisite fashion by Myke Cole here, with a very well written new character & much more delightful world-building to make this action packed novel hard to put down.

Alan Bookbinder is a very well written character who is really likable & easy to relate to. Through his eyes we get to know the other side of the tale or at least a different view point than the somewhat flowed one of Oscar Britton. And his struggles through accepting his new role and understanding and utilizing his powers was really fun to read. And the highly stacked amount of odds against him just makes him shine that much more. The other new characters were also quite interesting and much better than the previous book, specially the new and returning villains.

With out giving away any spoilers, the overall the introduction of other inhabitants of the alternate world was done with much care & world-building and magic system are unique and intriguing to say the least. The progression of the story is once again very fast paced & the action sequences are beyond praise worthy. To be honest the fascinating battle scenes just makes me want to see them on a big screen.

In the end, Myke Cole proves that he is a new author who is not only very imaginative but also unpredictable with his introduction of some new characters and has outstanding sense to write very enjoyable action sequences. Highly recommended to any and every fan of fantasy. So, don't waste time reading this review hunt down this series and read it. I for one am gonna devour the third book soon.

Well deserved 4.5 out of 5 stars.   

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