Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Book Review - Salvation

Book - Salvation
Writer - James Wymore
Published By - Curiosity Quills Press
First things first, I got this book from publishers as an ARC for review, so thank you Curiosity Quills Press for this opportunity.
This book is just what the blurb advertises it to be. It is a Heroic Fantasy novel which doesn't really do anything different but has a solid prose and some nicely written action. Despite being quite enjoyable in its faster scenes the predictability of the overall plot made it kind of a chore to read at times. This fact added with generic characters hold back the overall promise of an action packed & thrilling ride and ultimately makes this an average piece of work.

It is the story of a man and a small community fighting for their survival against hordes of vicious enemies; outnumbered and out-skilled yet finding means of hope and glory through the protagonists training. Our protagonist is found by a family of scavengers in a battle field and wakes up remembering nothing of his past. He then learns new trades and tries to be a part of the small community which saved him. But their peace is threatened by the same creatures responsible for our heroes amnesia as they prepare to invade their little town. So the people, under the protagonists teaching learn the trade of war through training and prepares for defense of their home against innumerable odds.

The world building was minimal as most of the story focused on this little town and its surroundings. The creatures who attack the town were quite interesting in their ways and their physiology were explained with much detail which is always nice by my book. The magic system was a bit confusing at first but in the end it was actually one of the few unique things in the book.

The protagonists point of view was somewhat fresh and to be honest the characters were done right in their own regard and were compatible to the story and setting but they never really made me feel interested enough to root for them., as they were a bit too generic.

The main flaw as I previously mentioned was the predictability. The identity of the amnesic hero could be seen from a mile & it is so easy to guess which characters will survive and who will die. But the prose was quite crisp and precise; & the action sequences, specially the strategy of holding a wall and killing opponents who are bigger and stronger than you were done quite nicely and was the saving grace of the novel. Maybe the next works by the writer will focus on these strong points of his writing.

Overall I will give this 3 out of 5 stars.

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