Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Retro Combo Videos - NCC Samurai Showdown Tribute Requiem

My newest combo video is a request from someone and has combos of various Samurai Showdown games from the Neogeo era.

All games and Music in this video are property of their respective owners, they were used without any view of profit. All combos were performed on keyboard; no tools, cheats or hacks were used.
Info -
"Girl of Revolution (Charlotte Ending)"
"Tuna (Galford)"
"Ground (Earthquake)"
"Sinister (4 Jin Masaru Kachi Demo)"
       - From Samurai Showdown OST
Dedicated To - 0supermoose (who requested a Samurai Showdown cmv)
Special Thanks to - combovid.com & the forum members there
Hope you guys enjoy this.
If you do you can watch my earlier solo combo videos (both for obscure SNK fighting games), recorded and edited and uploaded by armison -
PS 1 -
Most of these combos were a product of research during when I was trying out SS3, SS5 & SS5sp for flashy Genjuro stuff & fooled around with other characters out of boredom. SS1 & SS2 combos are something I tried out after "0supermoose" requested a SS series cmv. This cmv is kind of a left-over plus request thing and is dedicated to - 0supermoose.
PS 2 -
1. If you want to request combos for any characters or any pc fighting game you can request it on the comments. I will try my best to fulfill your requests.
2. If you want to see the transcript for these combos also you may request in the comments, then I will upload it.
3. Please do check out my blog of "Reviews & Stuff" and leave your comments -

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