Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Book Review - Yarrick: Imperial Creed

Book - Yarrick: Imperial Creed
Writer - David Annandale
Series - Warhammer 40,000
Published By - Black Library

David Annandale does it again with Yarrick. But this time it is a full-length novel instead of a short story where David delivers a story of Yarrick's youth which is filled with excellent prose and characterization, while delivering an action packed tale with twists and turns abound. His grip on the character is as strong as ever while focusing on an adventure packed with an interesting cast, political intrigue, a bit of horror regarding chaos influence on human souls and a story jam-packed with nicely written action sequences.

The tale is focused on Yarrick's first mission under the tutelage of Lord Commissar Rasp on the planet Mistral. Here, an uprising of barons had upset the delicate balance of power. But, Mistral and Imperial politics are often murky, and the truth is seldom clear cut. As war engulfs the world, a plot unravels that pits old friends against one another and fashions unusual alliances. Chaos cults, the fanatical Adepta Sororitas and clandestine inquisitors all stand between Yarrick and his mission. Here is where the legend of  Lord Commissar Sebastian Yarrick began, a legend forged in blood and war.

The story is a fast paced affair, which gives the readers no respite and never seems to slow down with Yarrick traveling between challenges of warfare and politics while trying to uphold his duty as a Commissar. There is also lots of action and excellent dialogue as well as a bit of mystery regarding the origin of the chaos influence. As Yarrick tries to stop this heretical rebellion he gets entrenched into deeper mysteries and also learns of how the Ecclisiarchy rules the planet using the name of the Emperor for personal and financial gains. It really is quite interesting to read about his inner turmoil with the corruption of the rulers and his duty to the Imperial Creed.

Once again, Annandales's strong point is his excellent understanding of his characters. He writes Yarrick so brilliantly, as a young Commissar still fitting into his role and learning the ropes of his calling and duty. His indomitable will and excellent decision making potential as well as his belief in the Emperor sets him above the rest. Other characters including Wangenheim, the narcissistic and selfish ruler of Mistral; Lord Commissar Rasp, Yarrick's mentor and role model; Vercor, an assassin with an agenda of her own; Vahnsin, the leader of the barons who was a friend of Rasp now struggling against the unjust rulers of Mistral; Krauss, a dogmatic and prideful member of the inquisition; Captain Saultern, a soldier who is just beginning to grow into the role he was forced into through help of Yarrick; Sister Superior Sethano, leader of the group of Adepta Sororitas who is as young and inexperienced as Yarrick at times; are but some of the excellent cast of side characters that Annandale wrote about.

So this is another excellent Yarrick tale that despite being a full-length novel seems to end so quickly with the readers begging for more due to the remarkable writing. I do hope David Annandale does keep writing about this interesting character who he seems to have such a good grip on. 

This one gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.   

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