Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mini-Game-Review - Tap Titans

Game Name - Tap Titans
Publisher & Developer - Game Hive Corporation
Platform - Android, iOS
Genre - Clicker / RPG

Tap Titans as a game is a total mixed bag. In terms of game play it is as simple as can be with being a mindless clicker, yet on the other hand it also features rpg elements in a very fun and easy way. You have level ups, skills, other heroes to recruit as well as a simplistic and often times quite boring method of grinding to make you fell like playing a rpg.

In this game you have to tap the screen to attack monsters who are defeated after their total hit points are drained and you get money which you can use to get various upgrades, each stage has 10 of these including a boss. The monsters get harder to kill as you progress and much more grinding is required later on to achieve enough power to kill them. You got interesting new allies to buy through the cash you get from killing monsters and from fairy treasure chests. One fun aspect is the need to use real cash in this free-to-play is very minimal. The graphics is also quite good looking with cell-shaded characters, nice stage backdrops and smooth animation.

The real problem is that it does get boring quite fast, as the monsters never really fight back, occasionally they might kill one of your ally heroes but it doesn't really matter as they get revived pretty soon. Also the level of grinding needed do increase a lot as you progress to later levels which makes the experience rather tiresome. It does feel like that the game had a lot of potential and room for improvement specially regarding the rpg mechanics which were sadly ignored.

Despite its many shortcomings 'Tap Titans' is a fun little deconstructed rpg slash clicker game which can be a fun time kill if you are tired of all the challenging games now-a-days. 

This gets 6 out of 10 from me.

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