Friday, July 11, 2014

Short Story Review - Harbinger

Short Story - Harbinger
Writer - S P Cawkwell
Series - Warhammer   
Published By - Black Library

Well, I am relatively new reader of 'Warhammer' fiction and this is literally my first read from this author. It was definitely a bit different than what I expected as the narrator of the beginning is a old village healer which I did not expect at all. While the narrative was quite nicely and unique, the story did feel a bit too predictable by the end.

The story starts with the narrative of a old healer woman of a small village who has found a dying stranger and eventually the dying stranger tells the story of how came into his predicament. The prose is nice and it flows through the plot quite nicely. There is that slab of violence and gore you expect from a novella of warhammer moniker but it is delivered with a definite touch of the talented author. Yet the story does suffer a bit from the predictability in its last portion.

The characters were very done well for a warhammer novella and while only expecting to get bloody battles from the synopsis the reader will definitely get a bit of different taste. I did like it mostly for the prose and will be checking out other stories by this talented weaver of tales. 

It gets 3.5 out of 5 stars from me.     

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