Friday, April 25, 2014

Books I got recently: Part 1

Well, I went to the best used book stores in Nilkhet, Dhaka and bought some nice books (mostly oldies and I'm kinda broke after the spree, lol). I also get a lot of awesome ARC's from some nice people from different publishing companies over the last week as well. I just want to share this with you guys.

Books I bought

"Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse 
I got interested in this mostly from a close friend of mine's interest and then I read a review from one of my goodread friend. Seems to be a very promising story and a short enough read. Hopefully it will leave up to expectation.

"The inimitable Jeeves", "Carry on, Jeeves" and "Joy in the Morning" by P G Wodehouse
I love P G Wodehouse and I love anything to do with Jeeves and Wooster. I read my first novel of P G Wodehouse when I was in school in Bengali and loved it, then I read a few more in Bengali and some more in English whenever I got my hands on them. I read Carry on, Jeeves in Bengali but would love to read again, rest I didn't read before.

"The Horn of Time" by Poul Anderson
I read "Three heart and Three Lions" by him and enjoyed it a lot, and meaning to check out his other classics for some time now. So as I don't have any physical books by him this was always a must buy and its a short story collection which makes it a win-win.

"The Once and Future King" by T.H. White
One of the all time best Arthurian fantasy. How could I miss the chance. It promises to be a very good read and a big book so I think I'll enjoy it very slowly.

"Doctor Who: Eater of Wasps" by Trevor Baxendale and "Doctor Who: Timeless" by Stephen Cole
To be honest my experience with Doctor Who franchise has not been good actually, I watched some episodes of the 2005 series but didn't really get into it. But I always keep thinking the franchise must be good cause so many people love it, so I decided to buy these two books which seemed like a nice bet.

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