Friday, September 13, 2013

Retro Combo Videos - NCC Vol 3 Fighters History Dynamite

This is my 2nd combo video, from an obscure SNK fighting game called - "Fighters History Dynamite/Karnov's Revenge"

The songs and the game used on this video are all property of their respective owners and are used without profit.
All combos were performed on keyboard; no tools, cheats or hacks were used.
Info -
BGM - "Lies" by Assailant (from the album "Nemesis Within")
           "The Cauldron Of Renascence" by Eluveitie (from the album "Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion")
Special Thanks to - &
            for quenching my thirst for Kof and combos, still
Hope you guys enjoy this.
If you do you can watch my earlier solo combo videos (both for obscure SNK fighting games), recorded and edited and uploaded by armison -

PS 1 -
Sorry for same stage on all the combos, I tried many things to change the stage but just couldn't in vs mode. I didn't record 2-3 infinite combos cause they are already published on various videos on youtube. And also I couldn't record a few combos because I wasn't able to repeat them for recording.
If you want more combos for this nice game please check the following videos -
PS 2 -
1. If you want to request combos for any characters or any pc fighting game you can request it on the comments. I will try my best to fullfill your requests.
2. If you want to see the transcript for these combos also you may request in the comments, then I will upload it.
3. Please do check out my blog of "Reviews & Stuff" and leave your comments -

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