Thursday, September 19, 2013

Retro Combo Videos - CCC Vol 1 Super Muscle Bomber

This is my newest combo video on youtube now, from the game "Super Muscle Bomber/Ring of Destruction/Slammasters 2", a classic cps-2 game.

Info -
All games and Music in this video are property of their respective owners, they were used without any view of profit.
Most of these combos were recorded a few years ago, only some done recently and some had a bit changes.
No hacks or tools were used but occasionally Player 1 Infinite energy cheat was used to get player 1 in rage mode.
BGM - "Love's Vagrant" (from Bravely Default Flying Fairy OST)
          "Attack Of Delusion" (from Attouteki Yuugi Mugen Souls Attouteki Soundtrack)
Special thanks to "KIREEK" from sftchina for his awesome combo video for this game (which I saw from youtube but can't currently find the link). I only did combos for some of the characters cause he already exploited most of the mechanics for combos of this game.
And special thanks to for still providing us with awesome combo video new. Check out his mind-blowing site if you like fighting games.
Hope you guys enjoy this.
If you do you can watch my earlier solo combo videos (both for obscure SNK fighting games), recorded and edited and uploaded by armison -
PS 1 -
If you want more combos for this nice game please check out awesome combo video from sftchina performed by "KIREEK" (Sorry I can't provide the link cause I can't find the video on any site, I have it on my hard disc if any of you want it PM me & I'll send it to you). 
PS 2 -
1. If you want to request combos for any characters or any pc fighting game you can request it on the comments. I will try my best to fullfill your requests.
2. If you want to see the transcript for these combos also you may request in the comments, then I will upload it.
3. Please do check out my blog of "Reviews & Stuff" and leave your comments -

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