Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Book Review - Doors by Daniel Brako


Book Name - Doors
Writer - Daniel Brako
Published By - Momentum/MacMillan
First things first, I Got this book free from NetGalley for a review, so thank you netgalley for this opportunity.
This book is about a psychologist name David Druas, who one day faces a sudden change in the illness of one of his previous patients, this guy (Hans Werner) starts seeing doors everywhere which lead to other worlds, to make his patient understand the falsity of his delusion David undergoes the same ritual as he and then the unbelievable happens as he starts seeing doors too.
Then all hell starts braking lose as psychologist David uses his scientific mind to try to reveal the mystery of the doors, but its harder than it seems and things start to happen in breakneck pace. In the course of the events David suddenly comes to know his patient is dead and you guessed it, he turns out to be the prime suspect.
The book is quite fast paced, some of the characters are quite likable  (including the main) and there is not a dull moment in this sci-fi thriller. Bit by bit some of the truth behind the door gets revealed and in a way that is quite interesting. But to be telling the truth I somehow liked the first part of the book more and it is just damn short, the plot should have been a bit more expanded in my opinion & the multiple worlds behind the doors should have been presented with more details in some sequences.
Some of the characters are quite skillfully written but a few are just not elaborated or developed enough for my liking.
In the end I would like to say the writer did indeed had a nice story to tell and although the ending was quite predictable it leaves room for more (maybe a sequel? or sequels?), I wish the book was much longer but I am happy as long as the writer decides to write more books on this world with these characters and I'll definitely be on board for the next books from him.

Final Verdict - Due to some small shortcomings that I mentioned earlier, this gets "4 out of 5 stars" from me.

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