Friday, February 19, 2016

Mini-Comic-Review - Uncanny X-Men #2

Name - Uncanny X-Men #2
Published by - Marvel
Writer - Cullen Bunn
Artist - Greg Land, Jay Leisten

Ah, the second issue of a new series. Burdened with the responsibility of taking the positives and discarding the negatives which is always a tough job for the writers. This issue had a mixed bag in this regard.

The main plot-line is really lacking as it is hard to be interested in the story other than having interest in the diverse cast of the protagonists. The villains, Dark Riders seem so unmatched in their potential against the giants in the team that the fact that they keep defeating the heroes seem really unlikely. On the other hand the introduction of Mystique into the mix with the already fascinating cast of characters does add much hope for the future. In terms of characterization once again the main entertaining facet of the story is the banter between Monet and Sabretooth; while the promise of interesting development in case of Magneto and Psylocke does seem an enticing possibility for the future.

The art seems a bit disjointed and out-of-place at times, also the facial expressions might seem a bit repetitive as a whole. But the action sequences are done with exquisite detail and the overall style is quite crisp and smooth.

Once again the hope of things to come in the future is the only thing that will make me read this series in the future issues. 

But this one only gets 2 out of 5 stars.

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