Thursday, February 25, 2016

Short Story Review - Breaking Water

Short Story - Breaking Water
Writer - Indrapramit Das
Published By - Tor Books

Since a few years, one of my secret ambition has been writing a zombie apocalypse novel taking place on the Southeast-Asia region. I have always dreamed about what would happen in such a post-apocalyptic situation, whats with the huge number of population living in this area and the lack of weapons and other means of survival for the living. 
Well, someone has finally taken this job hands on, but the writer Indrapramit Das does not focus on the survival issues nor on the horror and action elements, rather she focuses on the emotional aspect of resurrection as a zombie for the relatives and general populace.

The story takes place on Kolkata in India where the dead suddenly come back to life and a normal person named Krishna thinks about his responsibility in dealing with the newly arisen childishly helpless corpses and a journalist tries to follow Krishna's journey of change in this hectic world. Through various characters including Krishna and the journalist as depicted by the writer herself the readers are made to think on the emotional impact of resurrection on a large scale and the consequences and responsibilities of those unaffected by it. 

Although the story was a bit slow and predictable at times specially regarding some actions of the main characters, the overall uniqueness of the plot and theme was really enjoyable.

This one gets 3.5 out of 5 stars from me.

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