Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mini-Game-Review - MouseBot

Game Name - MouseBot
Publisher & Developer - Vector Unit
Platform - Android, iOS
Genre - Racing, Runner, Automobile

I never thought I would have fun playing a racing game. But there you have it, I really am loving 'MouseBot'. Actually, to be honest, 'MouseBot' is definitely not just a racing game, with its obstacles, its unique sense of humor and auto-driving mechanics this game is an innovative racing-runner hybrid which is essential for any serious or casual android/iOS gamer.

In "MouseBot' you are given control of a vehicle to go left and right and jump with simple taps to finish some linear race courses while your vehicle just gets auto driven forward. It seems simple enough and a bit bland when explained in simple language, but actually is so much more fun.

The player has to have fast reflexes to overcome various obstacles strewn throughout the course (which gets tougher as you progress). He can collect cheese and have paint jobs or unlock-able hats as rewards. There are 6 lives, which are refilled with time and 65 levels to race through. The traps and obstacles get difficult as one gets to higher levels, starting with just stationary mousetraps, the villainous cats quickly up their game by introducing rotating saw blades, vertical lasers, acid pits, and even proximity mines to the arena.

Lost Lives refill one per five minutes: alternatively, you can watch a single video ad to refill them all immediately; pay a checkpoint coin to refill them; or purchase the $2.99 IAP for permanent, infinite lives. Players also have a “security pass” that they can use at any level once attempted, which lets them skip that level entirely. So, enough options to retry a level you are having difficulty completing, which is a must for this type of games in my opinion.

The graphics are quite colorful and eye catching and appropriate for what the creators of the game were aiming for. The traps are quite imaginative and keeps players guessing and thrilled with the fast pace of the vehicle.

All in all a fun game despite some levels getting a bit repetitive with same old obstacles recycling at times, lack of abilities or maneuvers of the automobile and the controls being a bit hard to muster at first.

I give this fun little gaming experience 8 out of 10 stars.

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