Friday, April 21, 2017

Mini-Comic Review - Batman #21

Name - Batman #21
Published by - DC Comics
Written by - Tom King
Art by - Jason Fabok
Coloring by - Brad Anderson
Letters by - Deron Bennett
Release Date: April 19, 2017

This story, or rather this crossover was a long time coming and there were lots of expectations regarding this one to say the least. Ever since DC Rebirth started and its ties to 'Watchmen' or rather to 'Dr. Manhattan' were revealed fans all over the world were waiting for further insight into the matter. And 'The Button', after its announcement was surely added excitement with its promise of revealing more about this exciting new direction of DC characters.

And 'The Button' does deliver on a lot of levels. It builds with a strong start adding further mystery with a stylish intro, which foretells of a grim future. Then starts the journey with a moody and sluggishly slow method of storytelling; which focus entirely on the atmosphere, the detailed action and the heavy emotions of loss. 'Tom King' really is getting quite good at writing his Batman as is evidenced here with his grasp of the dark knight's psyche powerful dialogues.

The art is definitely another triumph which adds the depth of seriousness deserving of these characters and is also oozing with emotions. The beautifully done action sequences and the fascinating facial expressions of the characters add much to the overall dark mood of the story. Each panel is done masterfully and made the action seem as visceral and as fast as it should be, and what's at stake is clearly visible as well as what was lost.

This is quite a slow start to the crossover to be honest, but it is also very methodical and quite evident to have been done with an extreme amount of dedication. This issue depicts a fight that really starts a story that gives readers a lot to think about for what's to come in the rest of the three issues. But the fact is, this one also leaves the readers wondering if four issues are going to be enough to do this story justice?

I loved this opening issue of 'The Button' and can't wait for what is to come next.
Will give this one 4.5 out of 5.

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