Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mini-Comic Review - Monsters Unleashed #1 (of 5)

Name - Monsters Unleashed #1 (of 5)
Published by - Marvel Comics
Written by - Cullen Bunn

Art by - Steve McNiven

Ink by - Jay Leisten  
Coloring by - David Curiel
Letters by - VC's Travis Lanham

Release Date: January 18, 2017
Oh no, start of another Marvel Event! But don't worry this time it's not heroes vs. heroes, but rather heroes vs. monstrous villains. And the event is literally on a worldwide scale, as different group of heroes fight different monsters all over the globe.

This issue is the beginning of a new crossover event of Marvel universe. But this time, Marvel takes a rather simplistic approach (which is a nice change), as the heroes encounter monsters literally falling from skies and laying waste to cities all over the world. Our heroes with their different groups try to tackle the situation, while a few subplots (which are a bit weak, so far) regarding why this worldwide sudden attack and who is behind this starts unfolding behind the scenes.

The story, as you can see from above description, is a bit underwhelming and only introductory so far; there aren't enough mysteries or intrigue but rather a focus on the action.

The art is on a whole another level, it is done quite beautifully with vivid and expressive colors. The double spread pages just add to the overall flavor of 'how big the monsters are' and tries to encompass the grandness of the action scenes as a whole. Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten and David Curiel really did a wonderful job of giving this comic book the atmosphere of epic danger and super-heroics at its basic struggle to save humanity.

Monsters Unleashed #1 is a great opening for Marvels new event, which seems to take simplistic approach to highlight the greatness of superhero comics, but has some weak plot elements at times to draw it back. Only time can tell whether this event can be as good as we all are hoping.

For now, the first issue gets, 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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