Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mini-Comic Review - New Super-Man #2

Name - New Super-Man #2
Published by - DC Comics
Written by - Gene Luen Yang

Art by - Viktor Bogdanovic, Richard Friend, and Hi-Fi
Letters by - Dave Sharpe

Well, Kong Kenan is quickly and smoothly turning out to be one of my favorite superheroes. He has a eschewed moral compass, is kind of a bully making fun of both fat people as well as being provocative to women, he wants to show off his newly gained powers even at the expense of others and in a sense is a total jerk; yet he seems to have a hidden bit of heroism inside him which makes him almost inadvertently come to the rescue of people (go figure!); and once again more importantly he is a true enough depiction of a realistic Asian middle-class teenager.

The second issue tries to make readers acquainted with the government sanctioned 'Justice League of China' team, of which Kenan is to be a member in the future I think. But our hero (!) doesn't want anything to do with the team or the government presently except may be make some jokes about the 'Batman and Wonder Woman of China'. We start with a fight between Kenan and the current team, after which Kenan is forced to learn about being a superhero while trying to rebel in his own way. He then forces himself into a mission for the team to save a hostage and another battle ensues ending in a great twist that only Kenan Kong can pull off.

The plot is quite fun and fast paced with funny and witty dialogue which really keeps the reader engrossed. We get a bit more into the new side characters as well as having some interesting development of the old ones.

The art to be honest is a bit awkward and confusing at times with doughy face for Kenan and a bit too much elasticity on action sequences which themselves were not on par with the the other drawings most of the time. The imaginative and fun part in case of drawing is obviously the colorful costume of the new superheroes which really add depth to their characters and motives to be better than their American counterparts. And occasional glimpse entices us with how great the artists might turn out to be in the future (I am talking about the Jade Panel of Deilan which everyone will recognize if they read the issue).

This is another fun issue despite a few complains which leaves me begging for more. Man, I already miss Kong Kenan and his world.

I give this issue 4 out of 5 stars.        

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