Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mini-Comic Review - Green Arrow #1

Name - Green Arrow #1
Published by - DC Comics
Writer - Benjamin Percy
Artist -
Otto Schmidt
Letterer - Nate Piekos

Before reading this issue I didn't know much about Green arrow and wasn't particularly interested. But reading 'DC Universe Rebirth' issue made me interested as I learned about DC planning to work on the Green Arrow-Black Canary relationship again. I decided to check out the "Green Arrow: Rebirth' issue which in fact made me a lot more interested with not only the chemistry of the couple but also through the introduction of the new villain's and also with Green Arrows unique perspective of heroism and doing good.

This issue which is the beginning of a new ongoing made me even happier that I put my trust in Ollie. Oliver Queen as Green Arrow is a self-proclaimed 'social justice warrior' which is a fun way to describe yourself. I loved his struggle to juggle his duel lives, his methods to try to work out everything by throwing money at it and his efforts of heroism despite lacking any superhuman abilities.

The character Black Canary was introduced with quite skillfully. While their romance seemed to go a bit too fast at times, the idea of using Dinah to show Ollie the error of his ways and question certain aspects of his life was a great idea in my book. Emiko Queen, Ollie's half-sister was another fun character with the sibling chemistry thrown in the mix. The new group of villains were mysterious and intriguing; and the change of the tone of the story towards the end with the twist just makes the reader quite excited for the future.

The art had its own unique flavor and the facial expressions throughout were spot on in my book. The action sequences while a bit overshadowed by the plot and dialogue at times were nevertheless done with care and finesse. Its hard to find fault with the gorgeous and well-crafted first issue but a pacing was bit too quick at times to be honest.

4 out of 5 stars for the starting issue of a series which promises to be one of the best of the Rebirth event.  

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