Friday, January 22, 2016

Mini-Comic-Review - Uncanny X-Men #1

Name - Uncanny X-Men #1
Published by - Marvel
Writer - Cullen Bunn
Artist - Greg Land, Jay Leisten

The newest team of Uncanny X-Men does show a lot of promise in its cast of characters and a promising cover to entice the readers. The premise of the marvel universe at the moment accompanied by the recent changes in status quo also adds hope of something great for the fans.

But sadly the first issue of this new ongoing does fall far short from expectations. The mission feels not-so-heroic or neither does the characters really feel motivated enough. The team doesn't seem to gel together either, its really hard to believe that these guys have a lot in common to make the teamwork as a unit. The surprise twist at the end revealing the antagonists of the upcoming issues also fell a bit underwhelming compared to the team roaster.

The saving grace of this issue is the promise of something better in the future specially thorough some moments in case of Magneto which reminds us of the awesome solo series; through the friendly banter between Monet and Sabretooth which promises some interesting team dynamics in the future; and the new costumes do look incredible too. 

The first issue only gets 2.5 out of 5 stars but I am hoping for a far better future for the series. 

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