Monday, December 4, 2017

Android Game Review - Postknight

Game Name - Postknight
Publisher & Developer - Kurechii
Platform - Android, iOS
Genre - RPG, Adventure

Postknight is a RPG for mobile devices, and that is what he tries to be wholeheartedly. The gameplay is designed specifically to cater to the taste of mobile gamers while tried to infuse various elements of RPG's to add depth and keep it engrossing for a longer period of time to its players. In a platform severely lacking in original RPG's (most good ones on mobile are ports) Postknight is almost a breath of fresh air.

In Postkinght players take on the role of a postal worker come knight that must fight their way past hordes enemies such as wolves and bandits. During missions players controls the postknight via three buttons that allow them to use charge attack on enemies, block their attacks using a shield, or heal wounds while gaining various bonuses though the use of potions. After performing an action, players must wait a certain amount of time, typically only a few seconds, before they can perform that action again until end of mission. For each successful mission, player will get rewards which can be used to upgrade the armor, weapons, and potions. Players can level up the postknight characters in 4 areas namely strength (which increases the damage), agility(which increases your chances of dodging and landing critical hits), intelligence (which increases magic defense and experience gain rate) and vitality (which increases maximum health of the player).

There are other interesting game mechanics such as relationships where players can give gifts to certain female NPC in the game and raise their heart meter with them, which will in turn result in the characters gifting items to the player if certain levels are reached. However, if player gift wrong/unwanted gifts to the female NPC or spend time not talking to them for a while, the heart meter will drop. Player can also have a few pets in each specific areas of the game which also can be gifted and gives players chests with items. There are sidequests named delivery quests which the player can grind to get gold or items for upgrades and also the routes can be replayed to get more loots.

The game is such that each mission takes 20 seconds to 1 and a half minutes or so, which can be quite fun in small amount giving the game a high replay value. Also the loot drops and the various upgrade of the weapons and armors and even potions gives the player goals to achieve to make the playing more enjoyable. The IAP packs are also quite harmless and the game can be thoroughly enjoyed without spending anything at all.

The only bad things I could find were  that, although the gameplay is fast-paced and fun, it can get repetitive, especially since the Postknight always uses melee weapons and no magic. The delivery quests are also repetitive with their goals and replaying the past levels for golds and tokens can be a quite boring later on. The story is not very original and quite lacking in terms of variety. Also the townspeople are pretty one-dimensional, offering little in the way of dialogue or story.

All in all, Postknight is a very fun RPG for mobile devices and despite having a few problems it shines with originality and quite brilliantly achieves what it set out to do. It definitely is one of the best free to play mobile RPG's of this year.

I give this 9 out of 10 stars.

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