Sunday, March 12, 2017

Graphic Novel Review - Aquaman Volume 1: The Drowning

Name - Aquaman Volume 1: The Drowning   
Published by - DC Comics   
Story by - Dan Abnett   
Art by - Scot Eaton, Philippe Briones, Oscar Jimenez, Mark Morales, Wayne Faucher
First things first, I got this book from NetGalley, so thank you netgalley and DC Comics for this opportunity.
Aquaman as a superhero is underestimated in more ways than one. Most general comic book readers think of him as a weak secondary member of the Justice League and according to them talking to fishes is his unique super power. But, he is so much different than what people think of him. And veteran writer Dan Abnett gets the job of introducing him as part of DC rebirth and tries to tell the story of his struggles to establish good relationship between the surface world and Atlantis.

Arthur Curry aka Aquaman is a determined character to say the list, despite facing the never-ending struggle for maintaining peace between surface and his kingdom of Atlantis, he never gives up. In this first volume of the new ongoing; he has to face terrorists and rebels among his own people, one of his arch enemies bearing the name of 'Black Manta', distrust of the surface world as well as modern diplomatic maneuvering and even one of his fellow Justice League member comes against him. And all throughout there is the misconception and distrust from general surface dwellers, disquiet from his own people and a new emerging enemy plotting against him from behind the scenes.

Amid all this despair Mera is Arthur's one ray of sunshine, and even in this short scope Abnett does a give a short glimpse of their love and makes the reader root for the couple. Despite the plot being a bit slow at times, the progression is quite fun to follow and the sub-plots are intriguing enough to keep the reader wondering. Abnett does a fine job of depicting the main characters as is expected from him, but some of the side characters and cameo appearances lack the level of attention of the main players.

The art as a whole is a bit lacking compared to the storytelling, there are 4-5 artists and their styles give varied experience and makes the story a bit hard to digest at times. The action scenes are not that well done in my opinion compared to some other series' and the facial expressions leave a lot to be desired at times.

Despite having a promising start and strong main characters, the slow pace and lackluster art take some enjoyment away from the first volume of this new series. But as the story really gets going close to the end, I,  as a reader will most certainly check out the future issues to find out what comes next.     

3.5 out of 5 stars. 

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