Saturday, July 18, 2015

Got 3DS XL + Pokemon X


It has been a dream since the day the handheld came out, to own a Nintendo 3DS, so I could play the games as soon as they came out and enjoy playing with people from all around the world.
Due to my new job the dream came true, as with the help of the bonus for Eid and through my hard earned cash through private practice I was finally able to save enough money for a 3ds XL and Pokemon X.

And for Pokemon X, well, pokemon was a favorite of me since early childhood when I used to watch the same episode of the anime twice in one day during Toonami on Cartoon Network. And after a few years when I finally learned of the games and got my hand on Platinum I was amazed. It was so much fun and addictive. And as Pokemon X has supposedly reinvigorated the series I was really looking forward to get nostalgic with this new and improved entry. So, the first game I got for my 3DS XL is obviously 'Pokemon X'.

So now I am off to complete my pokedex, fight and trade with people all over the globe and may be finally I would try to IV and EV train pokemons to get my perfect team, who knows?

Do expect a full review to come soon.

BTW, can you guys please recommend a few games that I might buy next?

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