Monday, May 25, 2015

Short Story Review - Marriage of Moment

Short Story - Gotrek & Felix: Marriage of Moment
Writer - Joshua Reynolds
Series - Warhammer 
Published By - Black Library

Gotrek & Felix are just unadulterated fun at times and this short is just a great example of this fact. While incorporating memorable moments of humor and packed with intense bits of action this is a simple story of another adventure in the life's of these two in search of some gold.

This one starts with Felix suddenly waking up and realizing that he is traveling to attend his marriage as a result of a contract which Gotrek influenced him to make to get some gold. The catch is obviously not as simple as it seems and the two travel to find a kind of a competition where they have to find gold in underground tunnels where lurks an ancient monster.

The familiar character of Gotrek & Felix are as enjoyable as ever and the author does a fine job of depicting them with their colorful traits and witty dialogues. Side characters while didn't reach much promise in this short scope were treated quite nicely.

This was a short and enjoyable read in which the author really does these legendary Warhammer characters justice. Wish he would write more novel length stories with these heroes.

 I give this one 4 out of 5 stars from me.  

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