Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Short Story Review - Aun'shi

Short Story - Aun'shi
Writer - Braden Campbell
Series - Warhammer 40,000   
Published By - Black Library

I have never read of the Tau before this, but based on my knowledge of Warhammer 40k universe I was quite certain I am gonna like this race. And the Tau were as interesting to read about as I thought they would be, more so made enjoyable trough this tale of one warrior in his struggle for survival imprisoned in a hostile environment.

Aun'shi tales the story of the titular character, who was on the hunt for renegade Commander Farsight. He and his party are ambushed by vicious alien eldar. Captured and taken to the nightmare realm of Commorragh, where Aun’shi’s prowess in combat makes him the star of his captor’s arena shows, but finally he decides to show his own form of rebellion by refusing to fight. Will he able to keep rigid on this stance? Will his so log awaited help would arrive? Or is he doomed to imprisonment till death?

This story is quite fast paced and infused with enjoyable action, some interesting bit about the Tau culture are reveled as well having a likeable character in Aun'shi and Cerraine. But the story also suffers from predictability and also seems to serve as kind of a prologue of some bigger plot. Just when you are drawn in by the fierce fighting and a new sense of direction on the plot it ends abruptly, but not without promising some future endeavors with these characters.

Despite the short length and other problems, I actually enjoyed this ride and hoping there will be more from this author about these characters on the future. 

It gets 3.5 out of 5 stars from me.        

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